What Happened When They Love You

The magic words most ladies want to hear, I love you, you know I love you, and Girl I love you. Well those words may land in your heart or in your stomach depending upon who is saying this and where the relationship has gone are is going. I recall hearing I love you from my now ex-husband as he would leave to go to the Crack house, I would hear I love you as I had to hide my keys in my shoe boxes because I knew he would not look there and if he got the keys I would not be able to get to work.

I heard I love you when I went to the mail box and saw a letter from the courts saying he needed to pay child support for the first child he had while we was married. And yes I said the first child there were more L. I heard I love you as I would remind him if he loved us (our 3 kids and I) he would stop doing those things that made us sad, worried and disappointed.

So l had to start asking him are you really in love?, because love should not treat you like this the Bible says that love is patient and love is kind, therefore no you don’t love this Girl/Woman, Daughter, Wife, and Mother.

I knew with all that is in me, that I was in Love with me and because I love me, I had to leave the person who said they loved me for over 18 years of marriage and begin the healing and loving myself process. I had to love my 3 beautiful children enough to remove them from an unhealthy and dysfunctional situation. I remember asking myself, what are you showing/ teaching your daughters. What are you teaching your son? I know that children look at what you do not just what you say. They were my why for improving our situation.

I am sharing this so you can love yourself enough to leave, start over or move on if you experience abuse, emotional or physical. You may be reading this and thinking wow it is easier said than done. And I will agree it took me years to leave, I lacked confidence, self-esteem and the belief that I could make it. I had to reach out for help from, family, friends and clergy. I prayed, I cried and I used positive self-talk through affirmations to give me the strength, courage and stamina to make it happen. It was not easy but so necessary to heal and move forward. I adopted a new Love code and I share it with you below.

L.O.V.E can mean Loving Over Various Errors or Living Over Victoriously Every day, I chose the latter and I am taking my Pearls back!