Greatest Tips For Your Relationship

Read on to find the key principles you should adhere to and that form the cornerstones of the unwritten dating and relationship bible:

1. Have self value

This is the key point because it’s critical to your success with people. If you take on board nothing else in this article – make a mental note of this point!

Most women fail in love for this reason and this reason alone. Women are pre-socialised doormats. We were raised to believe we need to give in order to get but we have been misguided.

The women who are successful in love honor themselves before a man. Such women stand for something knowing that if they didn’t they would fall for anything.

How do you do this exactly you may ask?

  • You establish boundaries. In your mind you develop a list of behaviours or actions that a man may do which you find unacceptable. If you don’t know off the top of your head yet, remember them when they happen. If you don’t know how to judge whether you are being rational or not, simply trust that if something offends or hurts you – it’s not okay and you need to let him know or cut him off completely.
  • Put yourself first. Never put a man before yourself. Why? Because no one else will look after you when he isn’t there or everyone else has commitments because they are looking after themselves. Secondly, a man will only value you as much as you value yourself. So if you are putting him first you are decreasing your value by default.
  • Don’t try to please him. It sounds counterintuitive to a female, but it screams desperation. When you go the extra distance to show him how much you care it will look just like that to him, that you are trying to hard.
  • Girlfriend – get a life. There is nothing sexier than a woman who has her own life, goals – something going for herself. A man wants to be a part of your world if it is going on. Think about it, that is exactly why you want to be a part of a guy’s life, because it’s exciting and he has something going for himself.
  • Express yourself. Just like men like a woman who is playful or a woman who smiles and melts his heart, they also love a woman who expresses herself openly through her gestures. It shows her self-belief and value as person.